About Us

Our Story


Strange Company started out by getting together to form a band just to play an immediate opening for one night. The bands popularity quickly grew from word of mouth, social media and the reputation that each member already had from other projects. With an eclectic mix of funk, soul, pop, R&B and blues covers, plus their own danceable originals, they keep the crowd moving. The bands front man Chris Schmitt leads with powerful vocals and synth piano grooves. Ashley Sutton‘s stellar guitar riffs and vocals add an amazing sound to the group. Pete Buchanon’s funky bass lines make you want to get up so you can get down. Trev Hicks is the Sax therapist, putting down that sweet sexy sound. Musaw Bailey is the rhythm doctor, laying down the groove to make your body want to move.

What Inspires Us


Despite coming from all different musical backgrounds and styles. We come together, not just to play music, but to put our own spin on the covers we play, and continue to write and perform great music.

Our Influences


Our music blends rock, soul, Funk, R&B and blues to create a unique sound. The bands influences are all styles of music as each band member comes from all different backgrounds in music. In our set, you will hear everything from the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Mark Morrison, The Commodores, Phish, Bill Withers, Parliament/Funkadelic and Original music.

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